Early Morning Reflection

Posted by Papa Sez | Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When I woke up this morning, I realized that my school kids didn’t need to go very early. Instead of the usual 6:30am in a carpool, it was 7:30am with their Papa bringing them to school. That meant an additional hour for me. What did I do with it? I spent extra 30 minutes in bed waiting for our baby to crawl towards me (the first thing she does is look for me), and for our toddler to gleefully utter his Good Morning Nadine! He greets his dear baby sister first before me. Then it’s time for the bottle challenge.

After preparing breakfast and packed lunch for the school kids, I still have a few minutes to spare before the family assemble in the dinning room for breakfast.  They were still getting dressed. I remembered my coffee moments in the west terrace of the house, so I eagerly prepare to spend quiet time in my special spot with a mug of hot choco. It’s a good chance to reflect, I thought.

As I prepare my drink, here comes my two-year-old son and then the interview began…actually it was more of an interrogation. Though he is too familiar with the choco drink even the brand in particular, he asked “What is that Mommy?”

He kept following my every move probably sensing that I’m up to something. As I picked up the mug he popped another one “Who's that for?”

On my way to the terrace, he asked again, this time it’s a series and he is starting to panic. “Where are you going Mommy? Are you going to Dapdap? (It’s the street along the west terrace.) Where are my slippers? Can I come with you?”

Gotcha! Well, I knew it from the very first question. So you might have guessed the little boy got what he wanted. Picture the mommy and her little boy sharing a mug of hot choco in the terrace, watching the villagers doing their morning walk, calling the stray cats and dogs passing by and counting the birds flying high. You will hear the constant demand for a piece of bread that needs to be dunked in the choco drink before eating. Ever heard of that eating style?

I thought it was a good chance to reflect...and it remained so true even with my little boy beside me. It was not quiet, though. But then, it was a lot better than what I planned.

This morning’s reflection showed me how lucky I am to still have little children wanting to tag along like ducklings following mother duck. My little angels needed care like hatchlings in the nest waiting for mother bird to feed them. Good for my son, it was bread and not worms, lol.

Before I know it my little kids will all be grown ups, longing for a life on their own. Moments like this are indeed treasures to enjoy now and cherish forever.

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  1. bin January 26, 2011 at 7:37 PM  

    Hi, just came across your site (through top blogs) this morning... I also have a two year old son and you're right, the simple bonding moments remind us of how beautiful it is to be a mom to little kids! Thanks for sharing :-)

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