It’s his first time in a traditional school where students are given numerical grades and often compete with each other.  We didn’t expect too much from him in terms of scholastic achievements because we anticipate a tough adjustment period for a child who was never exposed to graded recitations, quizzes, long tests, quarterly final exams and contests.  Based on the teachings of Maria Montessori, what he understands is competing with himself that meant continual self-improvement without comparing himself with others. Oh boy! We underestimated him.  His grades for the first quarter are all excellent. 

Probably, it helped that we give him the support parents can provide at home and equip him whatever he might need but the moment he rides the school service, he faces his battle on his own. 

Last week, he handed me a letter from school that says he will represent their class in a spelling competition because apparently he topped the elimination portion.  When he asked what and how to review for spelling, I just told him to continue what he loves doing…READING.  He is a voracious reader and loves spending time in the library.  That’s how he encounters lots of words, understands their meaning and be familiar with their spelling.  Unfortunately, Papa Sez and I can’t make it to watch the contest proper so we just coached him to stay focused, listen carefully to the Quiz Master and write legibly.  We assured him that WIN or LOSE we LOVE him just the same. 

Guess what? He came home with a gold medal! Note that his hands were covering his ears as he relays the good news for he knows that I will scream in excitement.  He’s right I really did scream so loud, lol.  I sincerely apologized for not being able to witness the momentous event but told him I was intently praying for him.  He was astonished to hear that as he recounted feeling my presence during the contest.  I had goose bumps, was teary-eyed, grateful for my son’s achievement and so blessed to feel God’s presence.

But then, I realized that the idea of competition had not completely sink in when he asked “Mama, I misspelled some words, why did I win the gold medal?” “Maybe because the other contestants had more misspelled words than what you had…you don’t always need a perfect score to win” was my wild guess. Competitive or not, he is up for the next level of spelling competition come February 2011. CHEERS FOR LEON!!!
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A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother according to Mark Twain.
Well, it’s my pleasure to be bothered.
                                                                               - Mama Sez

When a couple had been earnestly praying for a child and finally conceive, they will immediately exclaim “We are now blessed with a child!” But what if the pregnancy is unplanned, will you still look at the child as a blessing or cry out that you are cursed? I hope that your honest answer is the former.

Papa Sez and I are both control freaks and are used to planning every detail of our lives. We have planned when to have a baby and what gender will they be. Well that was with our first two children, a girl and a boy.

Our two younger kids came to our lives in a different scenario. We were caught unprepared but were pleasantly surprised, especially my husband who really wants a big family and fortunate to not feel the actual burden of pregnancy and the pain of child delivery.

The first time it happened (this was with our third child), I shed tears of happiness and excitement. “Maybe it’s just right to have another child because we have built our dream house and it is a bit big for a family of four.” That was how I rationalized it as I thank God for the gift. I had to give up my career (which I can start over when conditions permit) to prioritize caring for the blessing. Call it a sacrifice... giving up something good for something better as my mentor lovingly put it.

We were on high spirits with a business venture when our youngest child came. This time, I can’t pick any reason why God was allowing this to happen…I was clueless. Nevertheless, trusting that God has a better plan for my family, I accepted the blessing wholeheartedly. We gave up the business to give full attention to three blessings and another one.

Our third child will be turning 3 next week and our youngest is a year and a half. Looking at what we have been through and where we are now, some mysteries unfold before my eyes. God gave us an opportunity to get out of the rat race. Though we had always been on the lead, the rat race is still a rat race. It was a chance to reflect on the meaning of success and our purpose in life, and then to focus on the essentials. God empowered us to become better beings as we survive the challenges of parenthood. He then led us to a path which we would have never traversed if we were left undisrupted in our “planned life.” We know that a more beautiful life awaits us and we are all so excited to be there in God’s time.

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God,
an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.
-Kate Douglas Wiggin

God constantly make us feel the most precious gift of happiness every time we look at our adorable young ones and witness their every milestone to remind us that He is a better planner than any of us people on earth.

In planned or unplanned coming of a child, in pleasurable moments or trying times, believe that every child is a blessing.

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