Bubble Walk in the Pool

Posted by Papa Sez | Monday, March 15, 2010

I have seen kids get engulfed by a huge bubble during my daughter’s Bubble Show birthday party.  But being able to walk while inside a bubble was new to me. It was our nephew's 4th birthday and we celebrated it at Garden Oasis in Obrero, Davao City.

The highlight was the Bubble Walk in the pool which was the first and only Bubble Walk in Davao City. There were two available units which can be used for a maximum of 15 minutes. The person should step inside as the clear plastic at the pool side is being filled with ambient air until it forms a huge ball. It is then sealed and pushed to float in the pool like a big bubble. The person inside must balance himself as he tries to walk or run, but more often crawl for lack of expertise, lol.

This is indeed a challenging act that our 10-year-old daughter, Rica, managed to learn before her turn was over. I must say I admired her perseverance to continue despite falling over and over during her first attempts, and for her sense of balance and concentration that helped her gain momentum. She said that talking inside felt like her ears were both covered but it was lots of fun as she tried to run after and bump her cousin’s bubble.

Our seven-year-old son tried it as well, but only managed to take 4 steps maximum and then falls. Nevertheless, he enjoyed it very much and would love to do it again...to fall over and over again. Well, who can blame him? He was after the fun and not the skill especially when he can manage to move by crawling. The 50 pesos per 15 minutes charge is sure worth it. We owe the opportunity and the fun to this wonderful family.

This is great for pool parties. If there is a big group of people interested to learn or practice bubble walk or simply to have fun inside, then it is better to rent it out for 1500 pesos for a whole day of fun.

I understand there is also a Bubble Walk activity inside the Manila Ocean Park, which we will visit a few weeks from now as part of our Island Travel Adventure.

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