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Posted by Papa Sez | Monday, March 22, 2010

Earth Hour - LogoJust like last year when the Philippines topped Earth Hour participation among 88 nations with more than 15 million Filipinos in 647 cities/towns joining, our family will again support the 2010 Earth Hour scheduled on March 27 starting at 8:30PM.

I remembered that one hour last year where my wife and I got a chance to talk to our kids in our balcony about the need to save energy.  They were all for it and of course loved the fact that we were together watching the dark skies.  It was disappointing though that majority of our neighbors were not aware or didn't care much about the campaign.

With the electricity supply problems currently experienced in many parts of the country, it is with urgency that actions, as small as turning off the lights and not using electricity for an hour, are undertaken to not only make an impact on the short-term problem of power supply, but more importantly on the long-term problem of climate change.

This year's target is 811 megawatt-hour or 5-6 million pesos worth of savings up from last year's roughly 611 megawatt-hour or 3 million pesos savings.  A lot of money and energy savings in the short-term, but also a huge impact on the awareness of the next generation about the current issues of climate change...a reality that they have to face in their lifetime.

Show your support by learning more about this issue (click on the banner above), telling everyone else about it through blogs, text messages and in conversations; and on March 27 at 8:30PM, refrain from using all electrical gadgets and spend time discussing to your kids the significance of reducing power consumption.

Let's act together for our short-term and long-term survival. It's a small sacrifice to pay. Who knows, you and your kids might enjoy it as much as my family did.  In that case, we can also start a campaign to turn off electrical gadgets more often than just once a year.

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