When the need to temporarily move to a smaller house came about, every family member had to do his/her share of adjustment because everyone already got used to wide open spaces that our former residences generously offered.

Staying focused on the affirmative side of our situation allowed me to enumerate several positive outcomes or events that the small house offered.

In this small house,

…the atmosphere is very cozy; the situation promoted lots of interactions among family members. The fact that we do not have a television unit also helped. Physical closeness encouraged emotional intimacy as well.

…the value of resilience was taught to the kids among other things. As parents, we now know that they can easily adapt to changes, come what may.

…we get to live close to my parents and siblings whom we missed for almost seven years. Having an established support system/extended family, especially while the kids are younger, is priceless.

…we were able to make my parents happier. They now have the chance to spoil our kids :D

... our kid's Tita Tin gets to drop by very often and Tito Jay gets to teach them art lessons.  For this, I am very thankful.

... there's a safe open area for kids to play and a parking space for our car within the compound, both of which are relatively scarce in the area.

…the neighborhood is safe and friendly. Our normally socially inhibited daughter learned to make friends and the gregarious nature of our sons was fueled as they enjoy playing with other children.

…became a witness to Nadine’s developmental milestones. She learned to talk, run, dance, sing, comb her hair, brush her teeth and do lots of other things.

... everything is just a few steps away... from the beauty parlor to the barbershop; from the resort to the park; from the public foot spa (hot spring) to the public transport; from the wet market to a variety of stores...you name it.

…Immaculate Concepcion Parish is just a stone throw away. I got the chance to reflect more often and benefit from the serenity of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel that is a few steps away.

…we were protected from ravaging impacts of typhoon. We feel safe inside this small house.

Our stay in this small house is just temporary but wherever our next destination maybe, to this small house truly grateful we'll always be!!!

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About Us (circa 2009)

Our journey led us to this place. A little more than 10 years ago we began our journey as husband and wife. Three years later, we found ourselves with two bundles of joy- a daughter and then a son. They're the children we've dreamed of having.

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Brave was a term used by a friend to describe us. Challenging... and loving it -- yeah, this journey is not for the faint of heart.