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Posted by Papa Sez | Thursday, June 10, 2010

by Rica Emmanuele

June 5, 2010 - My summer vacation was so fun because we went to a lot of places in the Philippines. We did not ride a plane but we road our car and two ferry boats.

When we reached Luzon, we even had more fun. We saw Butanding (whale shark) and fireflies in Sorsogon. When we were on the boat going to look at the Butanding, I was so excited! We were going to see a real live whale shark at last! I jumped out of the boat two times because I wanted to see it again.

We also rode a boat along a river going to the fireflies. When we saw them, they were on a tree. They looked so beautiful. And because the fireflies are so plenty and they shine so bright, the tree really looked like a Christmas tree.

We also went to San Pablo City to see our cousins Bea and Kuya Adrian, and their parents, Tita Abbie and Tito Alan. They taught me how to ride a bike and to play Wii.

I know how to ride a bike if it has training wheels but their bike has no training wheels, so they taught me how to balance with only two wheels.

The games in their Wii were Wii Sports, Show King and Dragon ball Z. It was fun playing all of them but the best game for me is Wii Sports, especially tennis.

In Los BaƱos, we saw Lola Net, Lolo Crispin, Tito Ninong, Tita Tin and Tito Jay. Tito Jay taught me how to draw Manga and now I am getting good at it. Tita Tin taught me how to tie my hair and she taught me how to play dress up with matching picture taking.

I met new friends. Their names are Leanne, Utoy, (Leanne’s brother) and JM. Leanne taught me how to play Chinese Garter and Piko. Once, we even played in the UPLB Freedom Park.

Once, I had a sleepover in Forestry. It is where Tita Bing and Tito Jun live. I stayed there for two nights. There were lots of other kids older than me who were staying there.

Sometimes, we go to the swimming pool and play there. Papa also taught us how to swim.

Once or twice or thrice, hmmm I don’t know how many times, we slept in Ninang Amy’s House. She had an air bed and we slept on it. She also has lots of books. Leon and I enjoyed reading some of her books. She also has a chess board but we did not get to play with it. But all of us four kids did play the keyboards with Ninang Amy one night. Everybody likes to poke his or her fingers on the keys to make a sound, no matter how silly, weird or noisy it may come out.  But it was fun!

When it was almost time for school, we transferred to a house that was small. But then, we transferred to a bigger house beside Lake View Hotel. There, I met more people and friends.

Sometimes we play with them and sometimes I get a chance to play in the computer……… but now it is almost time for school and I can’t play much anymore because I have to get ready for it.

My favorite time in summer was when I swam in the pool with my cousins and the time when I met my Titos, Tita, Lolo and Lola again.

I will really miss my 2010 summer. It was so much fun. But I won’t forget that school is also fun……………☺

There is still another summer yet to come!

Goodbye summer 2010!

Hello school! ☺

Note: More photos of Rica's summer activities will be posted in later blogs. So please come back again soon.

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