We made a decision to try PLDT MyDSL broadband service about five months ago. This was after shopping around, comparing and attempting to subscribe to Globe WiMAX and SmartBro. Two months later, I complained about PLDT's poor customer service after a bad experience while attempting to pay our bill in one of its business centers, which then reminded me about past encounters with and inefficiencies of the PLDT system and its personnel.

Today, after two billing cycles since and about five months of generally good broadband connection, I am writing this "how to" advice so others may also lessen the chances of encounter with PLDT's poor customer service as I thankfully have so far and instead just focus on their reliable internet connection (cross my fingers).

First is to altogether avoid any relationship with PLDT if you can.  This company is well-known for its inefficiency and poor customer service ever since I can remember.  There's no other surefire way to avoid frustrations and headaches than to not establish any relationship at all.  Back in Davao City, we went for the alternative telephone and broadband service provider, Bayantel, and this newcomer lived up to its promise of good service.  However, here in Laguna and after the failed attempts to connect to wireless broadband services of Globe WiMAX and SmartBro in our location, we had no choice but to go for PLDT MyDSL and to wait for weeks for installation when the wireless broadband providers can hook us up within a couple of days!

Second, when you cannot help but subscribe to PLDT broadband service (i.e. you don't have any choice like what happened to us), lower your expectations! You might then be pleasantly surprised just like we were that unlike earlier customers that waited for two to three months for installation, it was ONLY two to three WEEKS...now that's progress! (just don't compare this with installation time of Globe and Smart, which is only one to two days).  Also, lower expectations when you call or personally go to PLDT business centers for assistance. Who knows, you might also chance upon the very few (most likely the young and well-trained ones) who'd surprise you with courteous and efficient service.

Third, hope and pray that something like a typhoon will not cause any interruption to your good broadband connection. Response time is known to be less than desirable, so refer to the second tip above just in case something bad happens to your broadband connection.

Fourth, pay your PLDT bill online. I have done it through BPI Express Online, which saved me a lot of hassles. I enrolled our PLDT, SMART and Meralco accounts through our friendly local BPI branch. With this arrangement, I avoided unnecessary contacts with PLDT personnel, thus sparing me from needless vexations.

We must learn to adjust to things we have no control over... learn to live with them and be happy despite of them. In the end, I am grateful for small favors like finding ways to avoid aggravations and freeing myself to appreciate the bright side of life.

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