Aero Dancing and Parenting

Posted by Mama Sez | Sunday, November 28, 2010

We find aero dancing as a fun way of exercising. Papa Sez and I have been dancing our way to fitness for several months now.  We do it in the comfort of our home using dance exercise videos or outdoors together with the UPLB community.  Since aero dance is becoming a regular activity, I tried to combine it with family bonding time by bringing along all our kids.  It’s a good opportunity for our kids to imbibe the health and fitness-conscious culture of the community segment that frequent the UPLB Freedom Park, I thought.  They may get enticed to dance with us or maybe not but they always look forward to running and playing on the wide open grass-covered ground and also, eating the hot pandesal we usually buy along the way…until the rains ruined the agenda. 

When it rains, aero dance sessions are done inside Baker Hall and playing in the field is no longer that enjoyable. The wet grasses is highly repulsive to most of my kids who do not want to wet their shoes when they play and they find the situation not worthy of waking up early on a weekend. Our eldest child, who ironically is a good dancer, spoke up and requested to extend her asleep instead of joining us. Though half-hearted, I gave in to the request and declared that only those who are willing to spend their early Saturday mornings with us, regardless of what awaits us at the UPLB Freedom Park, will be enjoined.

Last Saturday, we were not expecting a child companion, but our 3-year old son declared his interest and woke up early that day. We were lucky that the aero dance was done out in the open field, and our son who was well-behaved while we dance, was given a few minutes of running in the field before rain started to pour again. Though the rain cut it short, the three of us really had a great time. Next Saturday, our 8-year old son will be coming with us too. Who knows, headcount will be complete again before long.

Please view the video to see how diverse the community is but people were obviously united by love of dancing and physical fitness.

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