“Mama, had Papa told you that you are beautiful? How did you feel? Was it good” That was my 8-year-old son’s query while we were having dinner one night. “Huh?! Why do you ask?” was my surprised response. But before he can explain, I answered his question truthfully so he'll continue to be open about the topic.

thumb's up level up in Parentingville“Well, there is this girl in class who is so beautiful and I want to tell her that. I was wondering if she’ll feel good about it.”

“Of course, but consider befriending her first before you tell her that, talk about other things with her, know her likes and dislikes” was Papa Sez’s advice.

“You know, we are always too busy in school and I haven’t got the chance to chat with her, so what I did was show her a thumb’s up sign which means to me…you are beautiful.”

When asked what the girl’s response was, my son flashed a gorgeous grin and said “She also showed me a thumb’s up sign!!!” Talk about LEVEL UP.

In the afternoon of the same day, our 10-year-old daughter informed me that she already knows what’s going on during menstruation because they studied the menstrual cycle in school. She was just wondering if she can handle the pain. But it was only after this conversation with our son that Papa Sez and I finally recognized the level up signal. Our school kids are leveling up and so are we.

Farmville Secrets RevealedParenting never stops as our children grow; we only level up like in cyber games. In the very popular online game Farmville, we earn more cash and coins and get access to more commodities and equipment, get to do more and even expand our farm as we level up.   For those who'd like to level up their Farmville skills fast, discover Farmville Secrets by clicking on the book icon to the left.

Distinctly, when we level up in parenting, we earn gratification for our every child’s milestones in growth and development; we get to do more depending on the kid’s growth, developmental and social demands; and we also have to expand our horizon and understanding of our kid’s new situation.

For every step that we take as we climb the ladder of Parentingville, we become more enthusiastic about the next. What awaits us in the next chapter of our child’s life? Though the anticipation scares us at times, we carry on because we wouldn’t want to miss our chance…a chance to assist and guide our child in every step of the way, a chance to help in times of difficulty and a chance to rejoice in times of success. So parents, better be equipped with the necessary tools... because before you know it, it’s time to level up again.

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  1. Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents July 10, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

    Thanks for visiting my blog at Moomette's Magnificents. I'm glad you found my information helpful and am enjoying yours very much too!

  2. josie July 10, 2010 at 8:33 AM  

    Time pass by so quickly, some parents are too busy noticing that their children are now grown ups, I'm glad you are always ready every step of the way.

  3. Papa Sez July 26, 2010 at 1:36 PM  

    Hi Cindi, thanks for the feedback. See you around :)

  4. Papa Sez July 26, 2010 at 1:40 PM  

    Hello Josie, we're glad to have been given opportunities to spend time with the kids at this point in their growing up years. We're enjoying both the good and the not-so-good times--indeed time flies so fast.

    Best regards,

    Papa Sez

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