Follow parentsjourney on TwitterParenting Journey is the No. 1 Mommies Faves Top Blog for January!!! Yippee, yippee!!! Thanks for the support of all Parenting Journey followers and readers from all-over. Awarded to Parenting Journey is this icon/ribbon on the right and the top spot in Mommies Faves Site. What else…what else? Ahh…the moral boost…the inspiration. I’m serious; this looks small and simple but made my heart bigger...not to the point of bursting, though, lol.

When I joined this challenge a month ago, I knew that a two-month old blog site like Parenting Journey will not be able to compete with the old-time family blog sites. Thank God I was wrong. Parenting Journey got the top blog position and was the first top blog awardee of Mommies Faves.

I am now more motivated to share our experiences as parents, the tips we deem helpful for others and the knowledge we are gaining from this journey. The increasing traffic in the site coming from the different parts of the globe also proved that regardless of geographic location, parents would search for information pertaining to parenthood, read parenting stories of other people or even share their own. After all parents are riding on the same boat and need each other to learn from and lean on so as to ensure that the journey be as smooth as possible.

The Parenting Journey banner will occupy the top spot in the Mommies Faves Top Blog Site until a new top blog is chosen at the end of the month. This is a monthly thing such that all votes are reset to zero at the beginning of each voting month.

Please continue to vote for Parenting Journey by clicking the peach icon that says “Congrats! #1 Top Blog” at the right side of the page. This will lead you to Mommies Faves Top Blog Site and see that Parenting Journey banner is perched on top of the heap. Current ranking of the participating family-oriented blog sites can be viewed as well.

To all Parenting Journey followers and readers from all-over, please accept our heartfelt gratitude and again, please continue to help Parenting Journey keep the top spot.

Let’s celebrate with a toast of breast milk...err...I mean fresh milk. Cheers!

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Our journey led us to this place. A little more than 10 years ago we began our journey as husband and wife. Three years later, we found ourselves with two bundles of joy- a daughter and then a son. They're the children we've dreamed of having.

About five years since the birth of our son, an unexpected gift came- a younger brother to our school-age kids. And soon enough, a baby girl arrived to round the family membership.

Brave was a term used by a friend to describe us. Challenging... and loving it -- yeah, this journey is not for the faint of heart.