Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Posted by Mama Sez | Sunday, February 21, 2010

Follow parentsjourney on TwitterI was trying to get some quiet time to write. How can I have it when my toddler wanted me to massage his back very often just to get my attention and my 7-year old son was bugging her older sister to tell each other scary stories for fun? My daughter with lack of scary ideas kept on complaining about the demand of his brother. Was that my baby crying on the background? Oh my, I’m about to lose my composure! These little guys are driving me crazy!

“Calm down Mama Sez…look on the bright side of life. Your toddler is a smart kid and knows how to get what he wants. He knows that you love him and appreciates the massage you are giving him such that he keeps coming back for more. Be cheerful to your repeat customer, lol.”

“Your other son just wants to have some fun. Unfortunately, the topic is not inviting for his sister who happens to be a pretty mature person who doesn’t want to engage in that futile exercise. Lastly, your baby longs for your embrace and only your smell can pacify her. Have you taken a bath?”

Breathe in…breathe out. Think before you act and look on the bright side.

Instead of freaking out, I suggested that the three older kids play something interactive like ‘Hide and Seek’. Luckily, they liked the idea and off they went away. My older son forgot about his scary stories, my toddler forgot about me (for awhile) and my older daughter again earned her leadership merit. My helper, on the other hand, managed to redirect my baby’s attention to toy blocks. Finally, I now have my few minutes to write…c’mon, I hope it's an hour.

Good things just came out of the situation …this blog being one of those!

Ok I had to stop now... my computer time is up because my toddler is now insisting on having his hair cut. I also do that kind of service for him

Update: Read about their haircut session here.

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