Follow parentsjourney on TwitterIt is 6 o’clock in the afternoon and it's a bit unusual. NO, it is largely peculiar because my school kids and my husband are out of the house. They left four hours ago to attend a Father and Child Camp organized by the school. In their case, it is a Father and Children Camp, my daughter is in grade four and my son in grade one :). They will be staying at the campsite of Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City.

The night will definitely be cold so sweaters and jackets were packed for them together with thick socks. They are wearing old clothes for they are expected to get dirty while having fun with Father and Child games. Scrumptious dinner and breakfast awaits them as prepared by yours truly, who truly wished she could join them but…sorry, no Moms allowed.

On the brighter side of it is my appreciation to the Abba’s Orchard School’s effort to strengthen bonds of father and child. This camp will give chance to fathers to reflect on their fatherhood journey, learn more through a seminar prepared for them, share their experiences with other fathers, know more about their children and care for them outside of his wife’s shadows. This is an opportunity for children to get their father’s undivided time and attention as they feel safe and secured in the wilderness because their hero is beside them. Oh my, I’m jealous!

Before they left, I just had one request....HAVE FUN but BE SAFE!

My husband just texted that he is chatting with a friend whom we know is a busy person but gave time to attend the camp. Thank God the signal is good up there in the mountain.

See you tomorrow guys...I LOVE YOU :)

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