Mama Sez and I have made an important move over the weekend.  You might have noticed the changes in this blog on Sunday after modifications in Insect Experts were in place.  I was on a roll last weekend...making much website-related improvements to our two main blogs.  The changes in the theme and layout are minor, or can even be considered merely cosmetic, compared to the change in blog title or name, i.e. from Parenting Journey to Happy Parenting Journey.

Our previous banner/header reflecting the original blog title "Parenting Journey".
The new blog title or name is part of a series of actions that we're going to take to concentrate our blogging efforts.  The decision to consolidate our blogs was reached a few months back.  However, the first concrete step happened just a couple of weeks ago about the same time this apology was posted over at Fatherhood Adventures.

What's with "Happy Parenting Journey"?

In our analyses leading up to the decision to consolidate our many blogs, we uncovered a trend, i.e. our blogs have revolved around three main topics or niches: HAPPINESS, PARENTING and TRAVEL.

If you've been following all our blogging efforts in the past year or so, having so many blogs have resulted in infrequent and inconsistent postings, which was more manifest in our other blogs: Fatherhood Adventures, Island Travel, WannaBeHappyNow and all its sub-blogs (Daily Happiness Tips, Happy Quotes Happy Images, Daily Laughs and Daily Thank You). In short, we were spreading ourselves too thinly.

Parenting Journey has been the most consistent, along with our Hubpages hubs by Mama Sez and Papa Sez, in generating most of our traffic, readership and online income than the rest of our other blogs combined. In fact, Parenting Journey has maintained its page rank and improved its number of subscribers in recent months.

So after 16 months of blogging, Parenting Journey turns into Happy Parenting Journey to accommodate the three niches or topics we love to write about.  What started as just a creative outlet that launched the online persona named "Mama Sez" has become the flagship blog that will encompass happiness topics, parenting issues, travel experiences and personal reflections.

Since we've seen the value of retaining our old posts in our other blogs, we will soon inform our readers, visitors and subscribers in those blogs that postings about happiness, fatherhood and travel will be continued in this blog instead.  Invitation to visit, follow and subscribe to Happy Parenting Journey will also be sent out in the next few weeks.

Note: the URL will be retained for Happy Parenting Journey.

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Our journey led us to this place. A little more than 10 years ago we began our journey as husband and wife. Three years later, we found ourselves with two bundles of joy- a daughter and then a son. They're the children we've dreamed of having.

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Brave was a term used by a friend to describe us. Challenging... and loving it -- yeah, this journey is not for the faint of heart.