"Ching Chong means I Love You"

Posted by Papa Sez | Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes, you read it right, Ching Chong means I love you. No, it's neither Chinese, Japanese nor Filipino. It's a new "Asian phrase" that came to be as an offshoot of the now infamous youtube rant of UCLA student Alexandra Wallace against Asians. As a politically correct, clever and creative response to her ignorance and bigotry, Jimmy Wong made the following video and created what could be the new Asian slang that lumped together all languages in Asia to one that is seen in the eyes of unfortunate human beings like Alexandra.

The nice melody and catchy lyrics, particularly the phrases directly quoted from Alexandra "Ching Chong, ling long, ting tong" gamely translated into English by Jimmy, easily became the LSS since yesterday. Since then, Mama Sez and I, our kids, especially our youngest Nadine, and even the extended family have used "Ching Chong" as a code to say "I love you". Not bad for a term meant to be derogatory became a term for endearment. Now that's positively being positive in a world still full of intolerance and bigotry.

I'd say let's continue to use Ching Chong as a reminder of how a person can be so wrapped-up with oneself and forgets to step into the shoes of others. Each one of us can be as guilty if hatred and jealousy overpower the values of tolerance and empathy. This simple phrase, Ching Chong, can say it all.

Note: read more about super moon, tsunamis and bigotry in this WASPS.

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