Have Sneakers, Will Walk

Posted by Papa Sez | Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new Fila running shoes is just one compelling reason to have an early morning walk today. Papa Sez and I have been consciously aiming for regular exercise three times a week with variable successes in the past weeks. What's been working for us recently because of my interest in dance is aerodancing at UPLB Freedom Park every Saturday morning. You can also watch a video of one session in a previous post. This is much better than following the dance exercise videos we found in the internet inside the house.

We walked our way to the park, then finished 10 rounds of brisk walking (for me) and jogging (for Papa Sez) at the huge basketball court by the Laguna Bay. Since the public market is just across, we decided to pick up some food items on our way back and chanced upon bunches of young fern.  Fern salad, which is one of the family favorites was a hit at lunch time.  I was also attracted by the beautiful flowers sold along the street and came home with three red roses...What a lovely bonus!!!

Since there will be no aerodancing during the Christmas holidays (sessions will resume on January 8) and we are not ball sports enthusiasts, we will have to be content with brisk walking and jogging. Thanks to Papa Sez's insistence that I get a pair of comfortable shoes. 

I don't need a new year's resolution to follow-through with regular exercise for our goal of staying fit...all is needed is a new pair of nice shoes. LOL

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