Consistency in following a weekly exercise program is always a challenge to most people, and we are not an exception. In order to fulfill a minimum of 30-minute workout to elevate our heart rates in 3-4 days per week, we imagined ourselves to be doing walking, jogging or occasionally swimming. However, as parents, lots of surprises crop up that throw well-laid out plans out the door. Setting expectations too high could lead to frustrations and therefore not helpful to happiness and well-being.

We recently found what could be a good way to go around the many limitations in our current situation. Without leaving the house, we can do our exercise with the help of free fun exercise videos that we found in Exercise need not be too strenuous or fancy. What's important is that one feels the heart pumping and beating faster.

We enjoyed the following exercise routines by Paul Eugene. Why not try them out. The kids might enjoy it as well. The five videos below makes more than 30 minutes of fun easy steps to get you to have a good sweat followed by a cool down routine.

Paul Eugene also has exercise videos catering to those who'd like praise music.

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  1. josie July 4, 2010 at 12:09 PM  

    kakatuwa namn ung mga steps, easy to follow, I'm searching for this kind of video exercise, I like dancing better than the regular gym exercise.

  2. Papa Sez July 22, 2010 at 5:26 AM  

    Hi Josie, good to learn that you liked the videos. It's a good compromise for us- Mama Sez likes to dance and she dances very well, while I can more or less follow the simple steps (with her snickering while I clumsily do it).

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