Follow parentsjourney on TwitterDuring your blissful last two trimesters of pregnancy, you would be thinking of what your baby needs in its first months after birth. Completing these needs is an exciting part of childbirth preparations. It is a logical goal to accomplish this task before you reach your 7th month of pregnancy. Though shopping for baby things is definitely fun…fun…fun, this activity is also tiring and so you should not wait until the end of pregnancy as you would need a lot of rest by then.

Knowing the gender of your baby ahead is a real advantage that would help you on deciding for colors and motif when you shop (normally shades of blue for boys, and pink for girls). But if you prefer to leave it as a surprise until the baby is born or when the baby’s position does not allow for clear determination of the baby’s gender, go for neutral colors (i.e. generally white or green).

Baby showers should preferably be done earlier for you to consider the gifts received when you make your shopping list. Also consider hand-me-downs from older siblings and cousins. It is also advisable not to have too many clothes of the same size for the baby will surely grow fast and it will be a waste if clothes will only be worn once or never at all.

The following is a sample checklist of basic items that your baby would need after birth with suggested quantities in parentheses. This is basically the list I used to prepare for my four children. I took into consideration that cloth diapers were to be used during the day whenever the baby is at home for its first two months. You can revise this list depending on your preference but having a checklist to refer to is indeed valuable.


  • Baby Cot (1)
  • Cot Mattress (1)
  • Cot Sheets (2)
  • Waterproof sheet (1)

Baby’s Layette
  • Vest, Size M (3) & Size L (3)
  • Wash Cloth (6)
  • Mittens (6)
  • Booties/Socks (6)
  • Bonnet (3)
  • Long Pants (3)
  • Panty (3)
  • Cloth Diaper (24)
  • Disposable Diaper (24)
  • Receiving Blanket (2)
Baby Toiletries and Others
  • Bath Tub or Large Basin (1)
  • Bath Towel (2)
  • Petroleum Jelly (1)
  • Diaper Clip/Safety Pins (2)
  • Ethyl Alcohol, 70% (1)
  • Baby Lotion (1)
  • Baby Bath or Liquid Soap (Lactacyd Blue/J&J Top to Toe Wash) (1)
  • Cotton Balls (1)
  • Baby Oil and Baby Powder (not advisable for babies with allergies or asthmatic family line)
If you intend to fully breastfeed your baby, the following are not immediate requirements unless you need to pump and store your breast milk:
  • Feeding Bottles
  • Bottle Brush
  • Breast Pump
  • Bottle Sterilizer
You definitely would need a baby bag so please add that to your list. I choose a medium size bag with enough compartments so it is easy to carry and organize things that the baby would need when going out of the house. It should also be durable to last at least a couple of years or until both you and the baby outgrow the need.

All cloth should be made of pure cotton or cotton-mix especially in humid areas. Wash baby clothes with mild detergent without chlorine. Do not let your baby wear clothes directly from the department store. Enjoy your shopping but control the urge to buy things you and your baby don’t really need. As your baby grows, you can continuously add to his/her wardrobe plus accessories of course. You don’t have to purchase everything all at once. Prepare ahead and take it slow. Shop but don’t drop.

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