Follow parentsjourney on TwitterCongratulations! You just found out you are pregnant. To new parents, welcome aboard…your journey starts now!!! You are having a baby and you are bound to encounter enormous challenges in your physical, physiological and psychological states. Despite these challenges, your pregnancy should be blissful. So here are simple tips to make the challenges a little less difficult. These are based on research findings and my own experiences.

1. Be Prepared. Being pregnant, especially for first-time moms, can be so frightening. What you can do is to prepare yourself by getting as much information as you can. Knowing what to expect makes the angst more manageable. Read, talk to other moms, consult professionals, etc.

2. Deal with Morning Sickness Like a Pro. Not all mothers experience morning sickness and not all pregnancies are the same. But if you are ‘lucky’ to have this concern, the following may be useful. If none of these works, or when vomiting becomes excessive (like more than 6 times a day), consult your doctor. You could be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

a. Find out what triggers your morning sickness and avoid it.

b. Try chewing a gum, eating lollipop or candy or putting a small piece of ice on your tongue to see which strategy works best for you in controlling nausea.

c. Eat small frequent meals and avoid getting hungry.

d. Have some crackers or toast before getting up from bed if sickness usually happens in the morning.

e. Drink lots of fluid to rehydrate yourself.

3. Understand Cravings and Aversions. Don’t be surprised if you have strong likes and dislikes for certain food. It could be hormonal in nature. As long as you stay rational, avoid the food that spoil your mood and eat the food you like but do everything in moderation. These are the days when you should be in your best of health and not get sick to avoid medical interventions that may affect your developing baby. Remember to continue eating a variety of nutritious food.

4. Continue to be Active. For uncomplicated pregnancies, you can continue your active lifestyle. Remember that you are pregnant and not sick, but please do not overexert. Do the things that make you happy but avoid strenuous activities that will endanger the life of your baby, like rock climbing and bungee jumping.

5. Be Positive. A pregnant woman is also called expectant. A positive pregnant woman expects good things to happen. In fact something wonderful is already happening to you and your family even while you are still pregnant. So in the face of hardships, tell this to yourself - “This too shall pass.” And it will.

For the next stage, proceed to Parenting Tips for a Blissful Pregnancy: 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

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