One might immediately think that availability of information over the internet and television, and flow of information via social networks and cell phones would result in better public awareness about the need to conserve biological diversity. But it's not the case, according to a UN official, especially among the younger people who would be the decision makers of tomorrow.

There were no specific studies aimed at directly answering the question, but related studies on biodiversity awareness, urbanization trends, and habits as well as internet and television usage among young people were cited to support the claim.

I would be cautious about any conclusion of direct causation without direct study, but I can see the logic behind the correlation. How can someone conserve something that he or she is not even aware of?

Mama Sez and I have already made a stand on the need to limit television, computer and internet time for our kids. This is despite our current engagements online and the belief that much of the future developments would rely on the internet and related technologies. There has to be a balance; i.e. for our kids to be out there directly interacting with other kids and enjoy the outdoors while not falling behind what they need to know about technologies and the internet.

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For television, it's way down there at the bottom of our list such that we don't even have one in our house right now. They can only watch specific programs or films at their grandparents' house, thus making sure that the purpose is interaction, relaxation and/or educational, and not merely to waste time and be "a-mused" (meaning not think).  It may sound impossible to do but we know of many parents who have done it or still doing it, so there's no question whether or not it can be done.

Give it a try.  We might see more naturalists, entomologists, scientists, athletes, generally healthy individuals and better informed leaders among the next generations by reducing kids' television, computer and television time (by the way, electronic games is included in this list). The planet would be in better hands by ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow have a balanced perspective of life.

Learn some tips on how to minimize kids' TV viewing from Mama Sez.

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