For our kids, summer fun will never be complete without visiting a beach resort, and this year we chose Peninsula de Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas as our first beach destination. This is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Los BaƱos, Laguna, but with what’s in store for us, the distance was never an issue.

A year after the invitation, we finally got to visit this world class resort which boasts of an 800-meter fine white sand beach, infinity pools and other water sports amenities, 9-hole golf course and other land sports facilities, and comforting casitas and hotel rooms, some of which feature a magnificent view of the South China Sea. It also has a SPA facility, superb restaurant, function rooms, mini-theater and a lot others. Thanks to the hospitality and generosity of my best friend Marites G. Felicisimo.

Though a day of bonding was not enough for the kids to know each other very well and become true friends like their parents, they managed to enjoy the time spent together burying themselves in the sand, building sand castles, swimming, snorkeling, eating and chatting. Papa Sez managed to take his power nap on the lounge bed beside an infinity pool with the cool wind patting his cheeks and whispering to him “This is the life”.

Late in the afternoon, while the rest were busy enjoying the infinity pool, Zeki and I sneaked out for a little golf putting and tour of the golf course driving my friend’s cart. I was having a great time and that left me unaware of the time if not for the setting of the sun. It was already dark and time for us to bid goodbye to this beautiful place.

It was like a mini UPEntomSoc Alumni homecoming for there were six of us (UPES Alumni) who got together with our respective families. For the first time in so many years, we were able to update each other on what is happening in our personal lives. I cannot tell everything we talked about, otherwise this blog could become a best-selling novel; but briefly, I would like to share two heartwarming realizations.

1. Parenting can change one’s outlook, attitude and priorities in life. (i.e. a paradigm shift). It was very touching to see a friend whom I’ve known to be strong, domineering and brave suddenly becoming a willing servant to the needs of a child, with a growing weakness to the thought of losing him and with heightened circumspection in everything she does, especially driving (she now consciously regulates her speed), considering that a child she loves dearly depends on her. Another friend now gives time for medical check-ups and stress management so she can always be strong and well for her growing kids. In the language of personal effectiveness, this is like ‘sharpening the saw’. They were able to witness the change in Papa Sez as well, from being strict and uptight to a lighthearted fellow, playing with and caring for our children.

2. True friendship can withstand the test of time and distance. We may have gained weight, added wrinkles, lost hair or grew gray hairs but how we looked at each other remained the same. No words are needed to show how we respect each other, value our friendship and cherish the moments we were together because we feel it in our hearts. Regardless of the career path we have chosen, ties of friendship remained strong.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Let's keep in touch and do this again someday.

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