It’s been two weeks since school days ended. I’m overjoyed with my kids’ progress and daily accomplishments as we all enjoy summer break and the warmth of Mister Sun. The planned summer activities we prepared have been our very useful guide.

Rica is doing great in her piano lessons and truly impressed her teacher right from the first session. Her teacher immediately decided to include Rica in the recital this coming month after observing her progress for two sessions only. Her teacher is very confident that she can beautifully play the piano pieces he’ll assign to her in such a short preparation time. He believes in Rica’s musical giftedness. It is indeed a blessing from God. Rica is also rehearsing several songs with Tito Jay (Lead Guitar) and Tito Ninong (Base) to be video recorded later to showcase her singing prowess. I can’t help it, I’m a proud Mama.

While Rica has written two poems, Leon is progressing well in his Sci-Fi story. Rica can properly wash small clothing and steadily adds to the list of dishes she can cook. Leon, on the other hand, knows how to wash the dishes already. Our scientist-inventor wannabe, Leon, has learned that becoming who he wants to be entails a lot of patience and hard work for until today he is not done yet with his research proposal, but of course he is not giving up.

Zeki is progressing fast with his alphabet with the help of this website I found. Nadine just had her first haircut from Mama Sez’s Salon.

The family had a day in the pool and the kids enjoyed the time with their cousins. While swimming pool resorts are just stone-throw away from our home, we would need to travel for more than 3 hours to reach the finest beach resort and this will happen next week. Punta Fuego here we come!!! The travel will be all worth it I know, because that beach is awesome plus we will be meeting friends and their families as well. Oooh, how I love summer!!!

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