"To an inspiring man...you will be missed"
Such was the dedication Mama Sez and I decided to put on the flowers we brought to the wake of a former boss, colleague, adviser and ninong.  He died August 5 after a seemingly successful operation to remove a tumor and part of his colon that's been causing him pain for a few months, perhaps even years.

I am second guessing that he might have been suffering for many years already because he's a man who always seem to have a bright outlook in life, looks at the positive side even at the worst of circumstances, and sees the best in people regardless of how they treated him.  You will neither hear complaints nor unkind remarks from him about someone or something.  So he might have suffered the pain privately and didn't let others worry about him.

He's always accommodating and inclusive, and was therefore the strong glue that held together an academic unit he used to lead that was already breaking down due to politics and in-fighting among headstrong and mostly negative people.  Looking back, he was the person who absorbed the negativity and still managed to be positive.

Surely his success in his career, business and many other things he did were products of his optimism and generosity, coupled with his innate ingenuity, discipline and talent.  He touched the lives of many people.  He's renowned in our industry as "the man with the golden touch" in reference to his ability to transform a project, venture or idea, particularly in business, into a success.  Such informal title is, of course, not without a tint of jealousy in some of our colleagues for he is successful not only in our field but also in his family life and business.

We're very fortunate to have had a couple of visits to their home last summer after many years of not hearing from us.  We felt the warmth...the connection was never broken by distance or time.  Like his usual self, he offered help and advice and showed genuine concern to our family.  He remembered what it was we've discussed and wished for many years back.  He never runs out of ideas and when you're around him, possibilities are endless.  He's also instrumental in our recent decision to make the move back to Los Banos.

It was only in the most recent year or two that I found the wisdom in optimism and positive attitude while doing my own happiness project.  It used to be that the opposite traits, of perfectionism and being overly critical or picky, are the ones I strove for, especially because I have the natural tendency and talent to be such.

Today, his body was laid to rest and I'd like to dedicate this blog post to him in recognition of his positive influence and impact to our family-
You are indeed an inspiration Dr. Eliseo P. Cadapan to many people.  Your influence was beyond being a teacher...you were a positive force to your students, colleagues, friends, relatives and community.  And unlike King Midas, those whose lives you touched have become better because you lived with an abundance mentality.   You became rich because you were not afraid to share your blessings; and you were free because you treated everyone kindly and loyally despite their envy, misgivings and negativity.
As for me, I am thankful that our lives crossed and I got a chance to travel alongside with you as colleagues and friends.  Now I am a believer of your attitude and approach to life, that is with optimism and an abundance mentality.  I want to be a positive force that could inspire others as well...to live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy of giving self to others.

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